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"Introduce Strangeness"

an attempt to purposely distract myself

Self-fulfilling prophecies often rear their ugly head in the concepts that we are directly working on. This morning, I was working on the same energy concept from yesterday's post, and I remembered a lesson I had with Tim Hudson, where he mentioned a student who "couldn't do something." Tim eventually had him stand on one leg and attempt the thing he couldn't do.

I "introduced strangeness" as Arnold Jacob's discusses in Song and Wind, on this formidable task that I was convinced I couldn't do. I got out of my own way, and allowed the air to flow. It was funny when I forgot a fingering because my mind and body raced to the rescue, and tried to regain control. So how do I keep introducing strangeness on this concept until I'm convinced that I am capable? Keep playing things I know well, that stretch this concept, but while I'm intentionally distracted. Time to keep exploring

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